Calgary Science Network - Overview

Calgary Science Network’s principal role of facilitating the interaction of scientists and engineers with children “brings science to life”. Seeds and Sparks, an external evaluation of the Alberta Science Networks was overwhelmingly positive.


The feedback gathered from teacher surveys, teacher focus groups, student focus groups and interviews with scientists across the province indicate that a scientist’s or engineer’s visit to the classroom is very successful in stimulating students’ awareness and appreciation of science and helps teachers teach science.

Programs and Initiatives

Our two core programs focus on increasing science literacy in both students and their teachers. Scientists & Engineers-in-the-Classroom are hands-on, minds-on presentations offered at no cost to schools.

Teacher Workshops are professional development workshops for science teachers. Each one is co-presented by a scientist and an experienced educator to provide both up-to-date, accurate science and innovative, practical classroom activities. By sharing best practices and resources with teachers, even more students are impacted.

Future Goals

By leveraging its extensive partnerships and collaborations, CSN actively pursues opportunities to offer community programs, promote science literacy and support excellence in the teaching of science in Calgary and beyond.


Many more offerings have been added to CSN’s repertoire as demand and opportunities have increased. However, programs for students and PD workshops for teachers continue to be the network’s core programs. Long serving volunteers, repeat users of our programs and increased demand for services attest to the quality, integrity and user satisfaction of CSN. Recognition of the program’s effectiveness has also come in the form of several prestigious awards. Some of the founding members have been recognized nationally: one received the McNeil Medal of the Royal Society of Canada and another has had a medal honouring public awareness of science named after him. CSN has also been a recipient of the Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion, the ASTech Science and Technology Awareness Award and the Book Publishers Association of Alberta Award. .