Science Events

Beakerhead is the most amazing convergence of Art, Science and Engineering on Earth! 
1st pedal-powered contraption workshop.

Awesome Science Road Show Calgary Journal article

Science in the Cinema
Science in the Cinema is part of Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research’s ongoing focus on science education. Science in the Cinema provides FREE screenings (free popcorn included) of selected movies related to health or biomedical issues. A researcher who works in a related field introduces each film. Following the presentation, the researcher discusses new areas of research related to the science highlighted in the movie with time for audience questions and discussion.

NEW LOCATION FOR CALGARY screenings! All films will now be at The Globe Cinema 617 – 8 Avenue S.W. …more info
Watch for details of a new season in the fall.

Astronomy Events in Calgary
Numerous astronomy take place in Calgary every year. For information visit The Royal Astronomical Societyand The Rothney Observatory websites.

Alberta Palaeontological Society, Talks & Events
See Alberta Palaeontolgical Society website for information on upcoming talks.