"I wonder and wonder what can be inside a magnet...." Student journal entry

Scientists & Engineers-in-the-Classroom is our core program for students. CSN matches enthusiastic scientists, engineers and technologists with requests for curriculum-related presentations from schools in the greater Calgary area. Volunteers share their passion for science and engineering, explain the relevance of science to everyday life and provide information about science-related careers. Visits include hands-on activities or engaging demos that enhance student learning and get kids excited about science! Teachers learn from the presentations too, impacting future classes.

Due to the generous support of CSN’s donors, presentations are FREE.
Requests are accepted year round.
Priority will be given where two or fewer requests have been filled for this grade and school in the current school year.
Volunteer availability will vary.
Please allow 4-6 weeks’ notice.

  • Step one: Please read Scientist/Engineer visit information for teachers which guides teachers through the planning process and explains the teacher’s responsibilities.
  • Step two: Book online!

A new partnership with APEGA is mutually beneficial and has allowed CSN to expand our volunteer base and, more importantly, fill more requests from schools. Welcome to the APEGA volunteers who are making a significant contribution to the success of this program!

“Thank you for working with us. We had lots of fun designing ski jumps…
I told my parents it was fun and my parents said, good for you!”
Student note to CSN volunteer Anita Rossall